Ethos' market niche is clear and unique:

  • Ethos is independent: and can work with any of our clients’ existing professional service providers (such as banks, law firms, accounting and audit firms, and financial advisors)
  • Ethos is purpose-built: rather than being an add-on to a large institution, we are here to focus on our clients’ needs without potential conflict of interests or hidden fees
  • Ethos is flexible and scalable: the global trust and corporate services market has generally been slow to react and change to cater for the needs of an increasingly more discerning, demanding and sophisticated client base, who increasingly expect to see real ‘value creation’ rather than just receive an efficient administration service
  • Ethos addresses real needs in real time: we are a top-end service provider which is aligned, independent and unique with a focus in adding real value to its clients from the outset